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May 12, 2022

Check out this episode of Life of a CISO, where Dr. Eric Cole provides techniques for you to implement to advance as a Chief Information Security Officer. First, he will cover how CISOs who evolve from a security engineer position lack the mindset needed to lead the business to success. Second, he provides insight into the most significant difference between a security engineer and a world-class CISO's understanding of their environment. A  world-class CISO immerses themselves beyond the focus in their previous environment and understands the critical components of the business to make proper decisions. Most importantly, Dr. Cole will discuss the importance of having a target vision to center your focus and execute a plan to drive success. The techniques Dr. Cole discusses will provide insight for you to implement on the path to becoming a world-class CISO.    Watch Life of a CISO with Dr. Eric Cole to understand how a CISOs mindset can affect the critical components of a successful business.