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Sep 21, 2023

In this episode of "Life of a CISO," hosted by Dr. Eric Cole, the focus is on understanding the true nature of the role of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Dr. Cole begins by emphasizing the importance of recognizing that the business of a CISO is fundamentally about managing risk. He highlights that being a world-class CISO requires a deep understanding and embrace of risk management.

Dr. Cole emphasizes the difference in mindset between security engineers and CISOs, noting that security engineers often want to fix every vulnerability, while CISOs must be comfortable with risk acceptance and making risk-based decisions that align with the organization's business goals. He provides insights into how CISOs should approach risk assessment, considering both the quantitative value and benefits of a project or initiative against the quantitative risk and exposure it presents. Ultimately, Dr. Cole stresses that success as a CISO hinges on a love for risk and the ability to navigate the complex landscape of risk management.

In conclusion, Dr. Eric Cole's podcast episode sheds light on the critical role of a CISO in managing risk for an organization and making risk-based decisions that align with business objectives. He underscores the importance of embracing risk and developing a mindset that balances risk with business goals to thrive in the role of a CISO.