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Apr 8, 2022

In this episode of "Life of a CISO", Dr. Eric Cole defines the difference between a world-class CISO and a world-class security engineer.

What is the main difference between the two? Reactiveness. A world-class CISO strategizes across all areas of business and cybersecurity, versus a world-class security engineer who is solely reactive to threats. You'll learn how to redefine the concepts of "time" and "workday," as well as how to use these concepts to achieve your optimal state. Dr. Eric Cole uses his optimal state as an example of max performance, segmented workdays, and how he optimizes time within each day.

Some of the techniques may be familiar to you, but you'll learn how a world-class CISO utilizes its optimal state to prioritize, execute strategy, and reach goals to help its organization succeed.

Join Dr. Eric Cole's video below and get started on becoming a World Class CISO.