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Jul 24, 2020

Organizations are not going to be able to address ALL of the risks in their environment. It would cost way too much money. This is why organizations need a CISO - someone that can assess the risks and create the strategies that ensure the correct priorities are being addressed at the right time.

Cybersecurity is not about firewalls or IBS's - if we had to give a definition it is all about understanding, managing and mitigating the risk of critical data being disclosed, altered or destroyed.

To break this down through the lense of a CISO you need answers to these 3 core questions:

  • What is the critial information and critical data?
  • What are the risks, threats and vulnerables?
  • What is the primary focus from the CIA triad - Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability?

Go watch my show where I explore each of these areas and share more insights on the Life of a CISO.